Spiritual Meditations 

on the Nativity of Christ

From Theodoritis

"Gaze upon the lowly abode of Him Who adorns heaven; behold Him Who sits upon the cherubim resting in a manger. Seeing His poverty here below, reflect upon His wealth on high. God the most merciful has impoverished Himself to enrich us. The Heavenly King is placed in a feeding trough to provide us with an example of voluntary humiliy and non-aquisitiveness."

on obedience and humility 

from St.Nikolai Velimirovic


"The new world, the new creation, the new man: all began with obedience and humility. The old world trod obedience to God underfoot, together with humility towards Him, and by this destroyed the bridge linking earth and heaven. The spiritual materials for rebuilding of this bridge are, before all else obedience and humility."