St Joseph of Petersburg Orthodox Church

Located at 27950 SE Haley Rd. Boring, OR 97009

Regular Services: Saturday Vigils at 6:00 PM, Sunday Liturgies at 10:00 PM

Lenten Presanctified Liturgy: Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 PM

June Calendar

      We are a traditional old calendar Orthodox Christian Church

under Archbishop Tikhon of Omsk and Siberia


We are a liturgical church with over 2000 years of tradition, started by Jesus Christ and His apostles


Find out about our church: how we worship, who we are and what we believe

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Building Fund

Founders of Churches are prayed for at every service. We must earn $5000 by next November, or we will loose the building. You can become a church founder by contributing to our church Building Fund.

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